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O.P.R Founders

 Maggie (Founder/ Lead Investigator)

John Mike Perrine (Co Founder/ Lead Investigator)  

O.P.R Investigators

 Stephanie Perrine (Lead Investigator)

  Danielle Thompson (Lead Investigator)

Aly Vanderboegh (Case Manager / Sensitive)

Tara Janae (Lead Researcher/Interviewer)

Alyssa Appleby (Demonologist / Sensitive) 

Brad Fletcher (Sensitive-Investigator)

Patrick Whitlock (Tech Assistant-Investigator)

Mellissa Halsey-Perris (Investigator)

Kathryn Naughton (Interviewer / Sensitive / Investigator)

Investigators in training.

Aaron Cox (Investigator) 

Savannah Greening (Interviewer/Tech Assistant/Investigator)

Cheryl Greening (Interviewer/Tech Assistant/Investigator)

Want to join O.P.R? Each new member will under go a training class or in the field training.

Leave of Absence

Charles Frenk (Investigator)

(Temporarily Overseas)

Bio Section

Get to know the team with our bios and group experiences below.

(Taken at The Squirrel Cage Jail 09/24-25/2011 Around 3:30am...yes we were tired.)

Maggie Beshilas-Founder/Lead

Hello all my name is Maggie Beshilas Founder of Omaha Paranormal Research.

Age?: 29

Why did you join O.P.R?: My friends John Perrine his sister (my friend) Stephanie and myself created Omaha Paranormal back in 2007. Back then it was called Omaha Paranormal Society but we found out recently that name was already taken. So in 2010 we changed it to what it is today.

We have investigated some really cool places since we started.

We have been to Mystery Manor, in Omaha, Ne, Haunted Hollow in La Vista, Ne, The Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa, and one of our favorite places locally is at The Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs, IA. We have revisited the jail every year since 2011 and plan to keep going back there every year!

One of the business investigations was with our brother group P.G.H.C called The Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg, PA. It was an honor to be able to fly out to PA and meet my good friend Trevor and go on an investigation with them.

Four O.P.R members (one of them including me.) got to go investigate The Farrar School House in Farrar, IA with Brad and Berry Klinge from Ghost Lab. As well as Johnny Houser from Villisca!

Why I Investigate: I have been experiencing unexplainable things since I was around 5 years of age. Naturally like most parents mine never believed anything I told them regarding the paranormal. My goal is to document ghostly activity to show the world that the paranormal truly does exist, and to help those like me who need help or want answers with their ghostly encounters.

Prior experiences with the paranormal?: 1. When I was 5 or 10 ( I was little I know that.) I saw 4 full bodied apparitions at the foot of my bed on multiple occasions and in 2 different rooms. There was a motherly figure sitting on the corner of my bed.

She was in a long white dress and she had a book in her hand. The other 3 where her kids 2 girls on ether side of a boy they had to be 5 years old and all I could see of them was their heads and their hands as they clutched my foot board watching me.

They were milky white, not see through but you could tell they were not solid. She motioned me to sit up so she could read the book to me. She started to read to me and the kids but no audio came out. This is when I said to my self "Your not my mother I do not have to listen to you." (I was a kid) and as I lay back down and realize this is not normal I sit back up and they are gone.

2. My parents said that I always talked about a guy I called Tall man he apparently had a tall hat and watched over me at night. I was to little to remember that but the name does ring a bell.

3. When John (Aka Mike) and I met up with Trevor in PA we joined him on an investigation to the Farnsworth House Inn. While we were there we had allot of fun. At one part of the investigation we were up in the attic when a marble flew across the room and hit the wall behind us.

Later on that night Trevor, myself, and a fellow PGHC member Andrew were back up in the attic when Trevor felt something tug at him while the door on the other side of Andrew opened. And even though we debunked the door opening, on the tape we saw allot of orbs-like things fly at the camera we debunked them as dust.

4. More Experiences can be found on the case files.

John (Mike) Perrine-Co Founder/Lead

My Name is John Perrine but I go by Mike. I am Maggie's boyfriend and we have worked together on O.P.R since 2007, This picture was taken by her while we were at the Farnsworth House Inn investigation. I was sitting at the control center while the others were on break. It had to be 3am or later because I look tired.

Age?: 26

Why did you join O.P.R?: I helped found O.P.R with Maggie and my sister Stephanie in 2007 when it was created.

Prior Experiences with the paranormal?: Before the Farnsworth House Investigation nothing.

1. During the investigation of the Farnsworth House Inn I had an experience. It was Danielle, Trevor, Andrew, Maggie, and Myself in the attic when a marble was thrown at us from a shelf in front of us and hit the wall behind us. It was really awesome.

I hope to see more now that we have found more investigators and have started to advertise our services. Remember we are non profit. We have been working hard to get a DVR and are proud to announce we finely got one.

Stephanie Perrine-Lead

I am Stephanie Perrine Lead Investigator in Omaha Paranormal Research. I have been friends with Maggie since 1999.

Age: 29

Why did you join O.P.R?: I helped create O.P.R back in 2007.

Prior Experiences with the paranormal?: Nothing much as of yet, but sometimes I feel like someone is watching me when there is no one there.

I hope to see more now that we have found more investigators and have started to advertise our services. Remember we are non profit.

       Danielle "Danii" Thompson -Lead Investigator


Why you joined O.P.R? I have always been interested in the paranormal. My friend Stacey me and her used to work together and one day she asked me "What do you think about the paranormal?" We sat and talked for about an hour or so about all the things that interested us. Stacey brought it to my attention that there was going to be a investigation that following weekend and asked if I would like to go and learn how to be an investigator. Ever since then I have been absolutely hooked :) 

Prior experiences with the paranormal? My grandparents basement has always just scared me. I dont know if its just because its really dark down there or what but every time I would go into the basement it would feel like something was watching me. My friend next door, her grandmother had died. Every anniversary of her death she has cupboards would open and slam and it would sound like an elephant was coming through the door. But no one would be upstairs.

Experiences with O.P.R? I have been with the group since September of last year and we have been to The Squirrel Cage Jail twice. I have also been to Haunted Hallow, the Lancaser Mannor, The Farrar Schoolhouse and Villisca Axe Murder House!

Aly Vanderboegh- Case Manager / Sensitive

Hello! I founded Paranormal Midwest with friends in high school, which was recently disbanded, but I am a sensitive (not really a medium, just sensitive and an empath), and currently I run two communities for sensitives, one for youth and one for general public, and I blog about paranormal issues as well. I'm not too familiar with tech but very quick learner. I'm pretty good with talking to people about their experiences, and am familiar with terminology.

Age: 26

Why did you join OPR?: I connect with others having paranormal experiences on a personal level; it's important to me to help them in any way I can, even if it's just with a resource or some information, which I have lots of. I also would like to put my sensitivity to work again.

Prior Experience with the paranormal?: Oh, gosh, there have been a lot, so I'm going to limit to a few.

First one I really had was in the current house I live in, I saw a little girl sitting on my bed while I was in it, felt the weight on my feet. It happened all the time, I'd see this little girl, hear her giggling or crying, depending on the time of day. I went to the library to do some research and found a picture of this little girl and her family, all of whom had died at the hands of the father, not in the house, but on the basic property itself, in the 20s.

Second one was in an apartment I was living in, kept seeing a moving shadow in the window when I approached arriving from work in the evening. Shadow would quickly move away and disappear, and we couldn't find anyone in the house.

Third was piano music and voices heard in the basement of a house I shared with friends for a time. Also had a roommate pushed down the stairs in front of me, and was pushed down into the bed, heavy pressure on my chest, for a few nights.

There's a few, I can share more, but there are just too many.

Tara Janae - Lead Researcher / Interviewer

Hi! I am Tara Janae the groups paranormal researcher. I help the founders research known haunted locations in Omaha. I also interview the people who live/work in the haunted location, by asking them what experiences they have had. That helps the team decide where to place the cameras.

Age: 40

Why I joined O.P.R?: I love doing research on the computer about the paranormal and the history of places. It would be very interesting to learn the reasons 

behind the hauntings.

Prior experiences with the paranormal?: Hmm. Not much. Stayed in a couple houses (a couple nights each) that I think had some paranormal activity in them. No proof though. Those were in Kansas.

Brad Fletcher-Sensitive / Investigator

Hello All!

Age: 26

Why did you join OPR?: I want to help people realize and understand that there are things that we aren't all aware of, and that spirits are here for many purposes. There are spirits out there that one would call "demons" and there are spirits one would call "angelic" but the larger portion of spirits are here for the only reason being is they wish to stay around longer.

Prior experiences with the paranormal?: I first became spiritually aware around the age of 13. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but I was greatly mistaken. I soon found myself "letting" myself be more aware of the energies around me. As my abilities grew I realized that I must take care and be careful for how I use my powers. When I became comfortable with what I was going through I decided to use my abilities for help people when I can, and not to use them for show boating or impressing someone. I have joined OPR for that reason.

Alyssa Appleby - Demonologist / Sensitive

Hello everyone!

Age: 20

Why did you join OPR?: It has always been my dream to have a profession in the occult, I actually plan on getting a degree in metaphysics. I found out that I have a couple acquaintances on the team (Aly being the one who told me about it) so I simply could not pass up the opportunity to learn something new, and contribute to a team.

Prior Experience with the paranormal?: I have extensive experience with paranormal entities including, but not limited to, ghosts and demons. I have boughts of extreme sensitivity while maintaining a strong empathetic and protective ability. I have done a few investigations with little more than a few sensitives and camera but would love to learn more about the technical side of investigation.

Mellissa Halsey-Perris (Investigator)

Hello everyone!

Age: 18

Why did you join OPR?: I met two of the members of the group when they came to the Bellevue Public Library. I was very happy to get to see how it all worked and one of the investigators came to me and said that I could potentially be a guest investigator.

Prior experiences with the paranormal?: None at the moment.

Kathryn Naughton - Interviewer / Sensitive / Investigator

I have conducted a paranormal investigation at Doane college, have taken a paranormal investigating class, and am a very creative and adventurous soul.

Age: 23

Why did you join OPR?: I have always wanted to be a part of a paranormal investigative group. After the class that I took in undergrad, a few classmates and I decided that we would investigate different locations in the lincoln/crete area. Unfortnately, things got hectic, as college life is, and we were unable to pursue any further investigations.

I have always been passionate about the unexplained. I would read and read about the paranormal/UFO's/big foot, you name it I read about it.

This is exactly what I have been waiting to do and I am ready to do what I have been waiting 3 years to do!

Prior experiences with the paranormal?: SO many... I don't even know where to start. When I was little my mom and dad told me that I used to have conversations with beings they couldn't see. They said it was intelligent and that when I was asked who I was speaking to I was confused as to why they couldn't see them also.

I am visited often by the deceased and have also had experiences with religious figures as well as demons and Satan himself.

I see things pretty much all of the time and it doesn't matter where I am. I've woken up in the middle of the night to beings in the room with me, to watching something walk through a wall or down my hallway.

During my ghost investigation I recorded 2 intelligent evp responses, along with weird unexplained music that was playing in different sections of the recording.

During my ghost investigating course I was tested positive for ESP. I even felt more 

susceptible to all of the activity through the class. It was truly amazing.

Savannah Greening (Interviewer/Tech Assistant/Investigator)

Hello everyone! I am a tour guide and Assistant Manager of a haunted jail.

Age: 22

Why did you join O.P.R? I work in a haunted jail and after joining I can learn to hunt for them.

Prior experiences with the paranormal? Since I work in a haunted jail I have heard footsteps, seen apparitions, etc.

  Cheryl Greening (Interviewer/Tech Assistant/Investigator)

Hello everyone!

Age: 47

Why did you join O.P.R? I want to hunt for ghosts and try to help others be more comfortable coexisting with some of them.

Prior experiences with the paranormal? As a teenager i passed out at the wheel while driving and i felt someone jerk my should hard enough to wake me up in time to turn the when to avoid hitting a telephone pole head on, instead i hit it towards the left side of my car totaling the car and leaving my with a broken nose only. i believe something made sure i could walk away from the car that night.

Group Experiences.

Date: 09/12/2010

Members: Mike, Kyle , and Maggie (myself)

Place: Mystery Manor

Event: we were in the living room set of Mystery Manor. We felt like we were being watched constantly

Also at Mystery Manor Kyle, Mike, and Myself were half way up the stair case nearest control center and we heard ether a growl or what seemed to be someone next to us running their nails on wood. No matter what it was we all heard it.

When Kyle and Maggie (Myself) were alone in the hallway near the stairwell we heard the other noise, we had a nail drop between us. We tried to debunk the sound we heard but could only duplicated it when we dropped it and not kicking it.

(We no longer update this section but you can see our updated encounters by reading the case files)

Live in Omaha? Want to join the team? Go to the Contact Us page and click on Join the Team.

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