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McCormick's Haunted Hollow

Haunted Hollow

Case Number: 003-102911

Case Type: Business (Official Website)


Name: McCormick's Haunted Hollow

Built: 1880

Stories: 3 Stories + Outside Grounds.

History: A few psychics came from different parts of the US and all had the same encounter of a tall man in the library in a fancy suit but his cuffs were tattered. They say he was a numbers man and that he was looking for leather bound book. It turns out the only item in the house when the McCormick's bought it was a leather bound book that turns out to be an old farmers ledger.

There is also known to be a boy named Billy who resides in the attic, along with Arthur. Due to some of the EVP's we caught there may also be someone named Ron on the property as well. The reason is because we clearly hear "My name is Ron." on one of the EVP's. No one on the roster that was a guest of the radio, investigator of O.P.R, or Security guard at Haunted Hollow had the name of Ron.

Thanks to some research done by our Lead Researcher Tara, we think we may have tied the Ron EVP to a family's last name of Rahn, which would be pronounced Ron if you say it out loud. They lived a few miles from Haunted Hollow. Now to tie this in with the spirits of Haunted Hollow. It just so happens that there was a guy named Arthur Rahn, who died at the age of 76.

Could this be the same Arthur that resides in the attic? Never know. Maybe the next time we investigate there we will ask.

Other information on the Rahn family:

They had a barn fire on the property where Haunted Hollow now sits, which back then was known as the William Rahn Farm. We are not sure exactly how close the Rahn Farm was to Haunted Hollow, or how the fire started but the barn on that farm was involved in a fire around 1935.

Reported deaths on the property: Unsure

Reported Sightings: Scaring the employees, shadows in the attic as well as being touched, and a full bodied apparition in the library.

Reason to Investigate: Requested investigation to further research the sightings.


Date: October 29th 2011

Time: 12:00am - 4:00am

Setup: 12:10am - 1:00am

K2 (EMF) Sweep: N/A

Investigation Start: 1:20am

Take Down: 4:00am

Investigators: Founder - Maggie Beshilas, Co-Founder - John Perrine, and Lead Investigator - Stephanie Perrine, Lead Researcher - Tara, and Investigators: Stacey, Danii, and Pat.

Also along with us for this were 10 radio contest winners whose names will not be given out unless they have given me any personal encounters below. There was also the DJ from the radio - Toby and some security guards from Haunted Hollow: Rupert, John, and Munch (nickname). Sorry if there was any misspelling.

 This picture was taken just before we left for the investigation.

This picture was taken at Haunted Hollow in their parking lot before the investigation started. Taken by Danii.

Equipment: Maggie, Mike, and Steph: Hi-8 Video Camera, Digital Voice recorder for EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Digital Video Recorder, EMF (Electromagnetic Field Detector), Digital Camera x2,Camera Phone, and Radios x3. (We brought the DVR with us but due to some unforeseen difficulties we were unable to use it on this investigation.)

Stacey and Danii: Digital voice recorder and a digital camera.

Pat: Cannon Power Shot camera, Canon digital rebel XT SLR camera, and a Sony digital voice recorder.

Weather: U.S. Naval Observatory

Astronomical Applications Department

Sun and Moon Data for One Day

The following information is provided for Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska (longitude W96.0, latitude N41.3):


30 October 2011

Central Daylight Time


Begin civil twilight


Sun transit 


End civil twilight  

7:24 a.m.

7:53 a.m.

1:08 p.m.

6:22 p.m.

6:51 p.m.       




Moon transit



8:47 p.m. on preceding day

12:15 p.m.

5:02 p.m.

9:52 p.m.

1:03 p.m. on following day

Phase of the Moon on 30 October: waxing crescent with 20% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

First quarter Moon on 2 November 2011 at 11:38 a.m. Central Daylight Time.

Weather Underground.

Sunday, October 30, 2011 — View Current Conditions

T = Trace of Precipitation, MM = Missing Value

Source: NWS Daily Summary



Numbers of hours recorded: 0 hours on DVR x 4 cameras, and 1.5 hours on Hi-8 camera.

Confirmed Activity: 0


Numbers of Photos Taken: 301

Camera Phone: 27

Digital Camera: 159

Hi-8 Camera: 115

Confirmed: 0

Debunked: 300

Yet to be Debunked (Interesting): 1

EVP Recordings: 14

Confirmed: 7

Debunked: 1

Interesting (Not Evidence): 6

EMF Conversations: 3+

Personal Experiences:

Feeling like your being watched: 5+

Being Touched: 3

Unexplainable Encounters: 14


          Encounter 1: Stacey, myself(Danii), and two of the contest winners were up in the attic and were all sitting on the floor. A tumble weed flew out into the middle of the floor and no only moved once but it sounded like someone was playing with it another time. Also while we were in the room, we got twigs thrown at us. They dropped right between Stacey and the contest winner but neither of them had moved. The radio host guy came into the room and witnessed it throw a button. I also would like to believe it made a necklace swing from one of the tumble weeds.

Encounter 2: As we (Stacey, the two contest winners and myself (Danii) went back downstairs, we were coming across the bridge and both my hands were on the rails and something swung the curtain, literally right in front of me! On face book there is also a picture of a questionable image!! ... It was amazing. Loved it!

          Encounter 3: I (Danii) also asked it if it could shut off my recorder, I asked over three times if it would and it finally did after it had pushed one of the contest winners, as well as tugged on there pocket.. But the scary thing is when it shut the recorder off it deleted all my recordings as well? Me and Stacey on the way home made some random recordings and tried to shut it down and mass delete them and it was impossible to mass delete them like it did?.. So idk lol.. Wish we had another recorder in the room!

          Encounter 4: I (Steph) heard a grunt or growl at some point in the night in control center.

          Encounter 5: I (Brett) did have a few personal experiences, although it was kind of difficult with so many people inside of the house. I cannot remember which room it was in but a couple of us witnessed a door open a few inches by itself several times. Also, right before the door opened for the first time I felt a tug on my shirt, I thought it was my girlfriend but when I turned and asked her both of her hands were full and she said it was not her and few seconds later the door opened a few inches by itself. Here is an interesting photo that Brett captured that night.

          Encounter 6: (Maggie, Tara, HH Security Guard John, myself (Brandi) and a few other contest winners.) Outside when we were standing next to the entrance I kept hearing footsteps directly behind me in the leaves, I kept looking but no one was there. It wasn't scurrying like an animal it was distinct steps.

          Encounter 7: In the attic my (Brandi) left leg got extremely cold for a few minutes, colder then other parts of my body. I was sitting against the wall next to the short door, so that leg was facing the corner the kid hung his necklace.

          Encounter 8: Brandi: My friend says she felt her leg touched by a hand downstairs and the candle held on by a nail fell off.

          Encounter 9: I (Brandi) know when we walked by the gypsy area my stomach went in knots and I got nausea and my friends chest felt like pressure pushing on it.

          Encounter 10: Tara, HH Security John, Brandi, myself (Maggie), and a few other radio contest winners were outside doing an EVP session when we all hear a clearly audible scream, twice in a row. We are not considering this as evidence because screams can carry in the wind etc.

          Encounter 11: John and some radio contest winners were in the car room right off of the ring room and the girls that were with us knocked on the floor and asked the spirits to finish the pattern. After a short pause we heard a faint reply that did finish the pattern, so we repeated the pattern and the spirits responded the same way finishing the pattern.

          Encounter 12: John and two male radio contest winners were in the maze and we were walking through one part with creaking floors and we clearly heard footsteps from in front of us which continued for a couple seconds after we stopped walking.

          Encounter 13: John, radio contest winners, and Rupert (HH Security) were in the library and the door opened by itself. We closed it and then conducted several experiments aimed at debunking this phenomena. They failed and then when we asked the spirits to open the door they did. To be perfectly clear this was not a draft because we closed all the doors in the vicinity and checked everything to make sure.

          Encounter 14: While I (John) and two radio contest winners were in the library to see if we got anymore activity, Rupert (HH Security) went into the adjoining room and asked us to come and confirm something. We went into the room and it was significantly colder and as soon as I walked in I experienced a headache. Now that might not sound like much but as soon as I left the room the headache disappeared.

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