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Private Residence # 5

Private Residence # 5

Case Number: 005-042912

Case Type: Residence


Name: Private Residence

Built: 1980

Stories: 1 Story + Basement


Reported Deaths on the property:

Reported Sightings: Vibrations (muscle spasms), touching people, something watching their 3 year old son at night, draws being opened, lights being turned on, feeling of being watched, phantom smells, blankets being pulled off, shower door opening, chairs moving, scratches, and voices.

Reason to Investigate: Contacted us in order to solve what has been going on with the activity. ( To find some peace for their son who is tormented on a nightly basis.)


Date: April 29th 2012

Time: 9:00pm - 2:30am

Setup: 9:20pm - 9:59pm

K2 (EMF) Sweep: 9:40pm - 9:50pm

Investigation Start: 10:00pm

Take Down: 2:30am

Investigators: Founder - Maggie Beshilas, Co-Founder - John Perrine, Lead Investigator - Stephanie Perrine and Stacey, and Case Manager - Aly. Investigators - Alyssa.

Equipment: Maggie, Mike, and Steph: 4-channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Hi-8 Video Camera, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Digital Voice Recorder, EMF (K2)(Electromagnetic Field Detector), Mel- Meter EMF, Digital Camera x2,Camera Phone, and Radios x3.

Stacey: EVP, Ovilus, EMF (K2), and digital camera.

U.S. Naval Observatory

Astronomical Applications Department

Sun and Moon Data for One Day

The following information is provided for Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska (longitude W96.0, latitude N41.3):


29 April 2012

Central Daylight Time


Begin civil twilight


Sun transit


End civil twilight 

5:54 a.m.

6:23 a.m.

1:21 p.m.

8:20 p.m.

8:50 p.m.  




Moon transit



12:06 p.m. on preceding day

2:19 a.m.

1:09 p.m.

8:05 p.m.

2:51 a.m. on following day

First quarter Moon on 29 April 2012 at 4:57 a.m. Central Daylight Time.

Weather Underground.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

T = Trace of Precipitation, MM = Missing Value

Source: NWS Daily Summary



Numbers of hours recorded: 4.5 hours on DVR x 4 cameras, and 2.5 hours on Hi-8 camera.

Confirmed Activity: 0


Numbers of Photos Taken: 268

Camera Phone: 17

Digital Camera: 223

Hi-8 Camera: 28

Confirmed: 0

Debunked: 268

Yet to be Debunked: 0

EVP Recordings: 0 EVP's found

Confirmed: 0

Debunked: 0

Interesting (Not Evidence): 0

EMF Conversations: 1

Mel Meter Conversations or Temperature Spikes: 0

Conversations: 0

EMF Spikes: 0

REM Conversations: 0


Temp Spikes: 1+


Personal Experiences:

Feeling like your being watched: 6-7 people

Being Touched: 2-3

Unexplainable encounters: 10


Encounter 1: (John) Me, Alyssa, and Lana were in Chester's room and I suddenly experienced a headache at the same time that the k2 meter peaked. When the headache stopped the k2 meter also fell back to normal levels.

          Encounter 2: (John) Me, Alyssa, and Lana were again in Chester's room and the Hi 8 camera battery suddenly drained of all power and it had just been charged.

          Encounter 3: (John) Me, Alyssa, and Zach were in the basement when we heard a cough or a growl that we could not place. I asked the other team, and control center if they had made any noises but they said no. Now it could have been the ferrets but it sounded like it came from the closet.

          Encounter 4: (Maggie) When I was down in the basement with Aly we had an EMF conversation of sorts with what we believe was a female entity, which managed to answer only one or two questions but liked to play with the lights on the K2.

                Encounter 5: (Maggie) Shortly after that experience we heard what sounded like a sigh or a breath. The other team also seemed to hear it as well on the first floor.

Encounter 6: (Aly) 8:48pm I felt really heady, heavy feeling in the basement hallway.

Encounter 7: (Aly) I was poked in the back when Maggie and I were in the bathroom/ laundry room in the basement.

Encounter 8: (Aly) When Maggie, Lana, and I were in the kid’s bedroom with the Ovilus it said “Story”, and “Human” a few times as well as “Outside” and “Hell (or Help).” Some words were hard to make out. As soon as it went off I felt a strange lightness and some pressure then felt really cool, but the Mel- Meter showed rising temperature. Every time the Ovilus went off I felt a shock.

Encounter 9: (Aly) Most of my “Sensitive” experiences came from the basement rooms. There was flowery smell that both Maggie and I noticed. We thought it was an air freshener but it had a different smell to it. We are still unsure about that because there were oils and incenses around as well.

Encounter 10: (Aly) Zach and I were in the garage and I kept feeling sadness, just this terrible sadness which Zach seemed to feel as well. While we were feeling that the Ovilus said “Betrayal” and a few other words I couldn’t understand.

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