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Our Equipment.

This is a list of all of the equipment Maggie, John, and Steph currently have.

Video- DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Our DVR helps us to better analyse the location for any activity. While Hi-8 Cameras can be used on the go, the DVR is mounted to a flat surface. (usaly with tape, we dont screw them down.) There are four indoor/outdoor day/night cameras with excellent night shot up to 50ft.

It can record all the investigation footage for further review, to see if anything paranormal was caught. This is one of the most important peices of our equipment, all though all equipment is of importance.

(Picture Above: Captured from the Mystery Manor Investigation on 09/12-13/2010 as an example.)

Complex Info:



-Hard Drive 500GB

-PRO-555 Camera x4

Complex Info thanks to

Video- Hi-8 (Sony Handycam Video Recorder)

The hi-8 video recorder is more portable then the DVR. Unlike the DVR which stores all its footage on its hard drive, the Hi-8 uses the tapes on the right of the picture. (In the middle is the battery.)

Alot of people already know about that, but the information is there if needed.

Camera Info:


Night Shot


Also has a memory card (not shown on the picture) that can take pictures.

Full Spectrum Video Recorder with Illuminator

DXG Full Spectrum Camcorder HD 720p

The camera take video in daylight but in low light or darkness you will need to use a Full Spectrum, Wide Spectrum or Infrared light source if no other light is available.

Modified Full Spectrum HD (High Definition) Camcorder with true 720p resolution and a 5 to 12

MP Camera.

This video camera offers awesome HD quality needed to capture clear evidence. This

camcorder has been professionally modified with UV and IR sensitivity to view the full

spectrum of light including light not seen with the human eye.

The camera take video in daylight but in low light or darkness you will need to use a Full Spectrum, Wide Spectrum or Infrared light source if no other light is available.

  • 720p Resolution

  • 5x Digital Zoom Lens

  • HDMI Interface

  • Fixed Lens Focus

  • 1280 x 720p HD

  • 128MB Internal Memory

  • Uses 4 “AAA” Batteries

  • Up to 32 GB Expandable Memory

  • Takes Still Photos up to 5-16 MP

  • 2.5″ Rotational TFT Screen

  • Image Stabilization

  • HDMI Cable Included

  • 1 DXG HD Camcorder 4 “AAA” Batteries

  • 1 USB Cable, AV Cable, HDMI Cable

  • 1 Camera Pouch

  • 1 CD-ROM ArcSoftUser’s Manual


Mel Meter (Mel-Rem)

The Mel Meter is very similar to the K2-EMF Meter but with more equipment built in. The Mel Meter was created by Gary Galka of DAS Distribution Inc. The Mel Meter is a dual purpose unit that measures both EMF and Temperature simultaneously.

Ours on the other hand also has an extendable mini telescopic antenna that produces its own EM Field that when disturbed will set off an alarm in the unit and will set off the lights on the Meter. Lights can go off in any order, depending on how close. Ours also includes a red LED flash light built in.

Here is the detailed information regarding this device, as shown on

Mel-REM Digital EMF, Temperature, Red Flashlight, Red Backlight & Magnetic Field Creator

EMF – Ambient Temp. – Red Flashlight – Red Backlight Display

• Detects EMF (Mel & KII) & Cold Spots Simultaneously

• Selectable units of °F/°C

• EMF “Burst” Mode Feature for Rapid EMF Detection

• Super Bright “Red Nightview” Backlight Display with On/Off Button

• Glow in The Dark Push Buttons

• Fast Response Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

• Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values

• Easy to read Multi-Segment Mini T1 All Red LED Display

• Five level milliGauss ranges

• 50 & 60 Hz operation

• Single Axis

• Accuracy of ±5% at 50-60Hz

• Instantaneous Response To EMF Fluctuations & Spikes

• 9Vdc Operation

K-2 EMF Detector.

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. Many believe that the EMF detector can pick up spirit energies. The K-2 Meter has 5 lights on it reading the intensity of the magnetic Fields.

When you turn it on the meter will usually cycle thru the colors once then rest on the solid green indicating a normal reading. I have found while in the field and in testing the product that it will detect thing in front of the meter, it mostly picks up anything underneath it.

This is an example of what the lights look like when they are all lit up. Note that most older houses have magnetic currents that run thru the house. Once while testing the meter I found out that it is really sensitive, it picked up on the ceiling light from the downstairs kitchen.

Voice Recorders

Voice recorders are used to record and play back sounds investigators may not hear with their own ears known as an EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon) machine.

Best way to investigate with this device is to log case info when you go to a different room, or starting a new tape.


Location name, Date, Time, Who is in the room(and have each investigator say their own name.), and what room of the building you’re in.

Some people go as far as to note the waxing of the moon and the weather outside.

Always remember that if you cough, step on something that makes a noise, or even sigh make sure you say in a loud voice "that was me" because on play back that can sound like something paranormal. On our first investigation at a Private Residence one of the investigators coughed and no one said anything. On play back it sounded like someone picked up a stool and threw it against a wall. Luckily I had our Hi-8 camera running at the same time. I only found that out once I matched up with the EVP.

Update as of 05/18/2011!

We have our new Digital Voice Recorder!

Digital Cameras (Kodak-easy share) x2

We have two digital cameras that help us not only keep record of the investigation but capture spiritual presences that may not be seen with the human eye until review.

Since I am throwing out tips and tricks to every device, the only one I can give for this one is to say "Flash" BEFORE you hit the capture button so you don't blind people. That also alerts all audio receiving video cameras that if it sees a light you will know what it was.

Radios x4

Obviously for the safety of any ghost hunting group, walky talkies are a necessity. We have a varity of them. At the moment we only have four.

Remember when using a walky talkie in the same room as the EMF-K2 shown above will cause the K2 to go off everytime you talk to someone.

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