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Farnsworth House Inn

 This case was not done fully by O.P.R. We were invited to join this investigation by my friends group in PA. (PGHC) We still would like the thank PGHC for the opertunity. The following is stuff O.P.R Expeirenced.

Case Number: None

Case Type: Business (Official Website)


Name: Farnsworth House Inn

Built: 1810

Stories: 2 1/2 Stories + Basement & Attic

History: n/a

Reported Deaths on the property: Allot considering it was used to treat wounded soliders and housed confederate snipers during the civil war in Gettysburg PA.

Reported Sightings: Also alot. Now that it is a well known haunted inn, many have flocked just to get a glimse of history. Every room has a diary that the guests can log their expierences.

Reason to Investigate: The Founder of PGHC Trevor is a close friend of mine. O.P.R Founders Maggie Beshilas (myself) and John Perrine were invited to come to PA to join in on the investigation.


Date: January 24 2010

Time: n/a

Setup: n/a

K2 (EMF) Sweep: n/a

Investigation Start: n/a

Take Down: n/a

Investigators: Founder - Mostly all PGHC members and 2 from OPR. Here is a group photo of who was all here.

Equipment: 4 chan DVR, EMF, Multiple evp recorders, the rest I can not remember.

Weather: Cold and raining with no thunder or lightning (We will get more weather info as we learn how to collect that data.)



Numbers of hours recorded: 0 by OPR

Confirmed Activity: 0


Numbers of Photos Taken: 176

Camera Phone: 176

Digital Cameras: N/A

Hi-8 Camera: N/A

Confirmed: 0

Debunked: all (no activity on photos)

Yet to be Debunked: 0

EVP Recordings: 0 by O.P.R

EMF Conversations: 1 by PGHC and O.P.R

Personal Experiences:

Feeling like your being watched: 2 people from O.P.R(Attic,Sarah Black room,and the sitting room)

Being Touched: 2 PGHC members 0 OPR explained below

Unexplainable encounters: 3


Encounter 1: Trevor(PGHC), Danielle Shafer (guest), Maggie(guest_OPR) (my self), John Perrine (guest_OPR), and Andrew (guest) were in the attic when a marble flew at us and hit the wall next to Trevor who was sitting behind me.

          Encounter 2: Later that night the three of us (Trevor, Andrew, and myself) went back up to the attic. Trevor felt his paint leg get touched on one side of the attic while on the other side Andrew saw the door to the attic open. (which was later debunked.)

          Encounter 3: The first group from encounter 1 were sitting together in the sitting room and we were having EMF Conversations with an entity there. It would only listen to Danielle's motherly voice.

      Encounter 4: Trevor was by him self in the Sarah Black room when the door was shut on him.

      Encounter 5: One of the PGHC investigators felt her pant leg get pulled like a child trying to get a mothers attention, during setting up the equipment.

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