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Welcome to the OPR Forum!

Forum Rules & Guidelines

General Discussion

This is a place where you can talk about non paranormal related topics.(No product advertising allowed!)

Omaha Paranormal Research

Equipment(members only)

Topics related to the OPR equipment.

Evidence(members only)

Only OPR evidence allowed here.

Investigator Experiences(members only)

A place where OPR Investigators can share their experiences on investigations as well as in general.

Investigations(members only)

A place where you can talk about past OPR's investigations as well as future ones.

Paranormal Seminars(members only)

Omaha Paranormal Research Paranormal Seminars

The Paranormal Side

Paranormal Advice

Need help?

Paranormal Community

Have a ghost hunting group? Want to advertise your group? Here is the place to leave your mark. Looking for a paranormal group in your area? See what is available here.


What equipment do you have?

Fake or Evidence

Here you can share pictures, EVP's, and videos and see what others think.

Ghost Stories

A place to share your own experiences. (Not OPR related)

Haunted Places

What are some of the most haunted places in your area, or that you know of.


Topics relating to sensitives,mediums,pyshics, and clairvoyants.

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