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I am sorry but can everyone who sent us one of these re send them because I realized that there was no way to contact you so I added the email slot. Thanks and Sorry again.


All individuals participating in the guest investigation program must adhere to all requests and rules of Omaha Paranormal Research. You must pay your own fee if a fee is required to investigate in the location in question (and this information will be provided well beforehand). You may not have alcohol or drugs on your person or be drunk or high during your time with the team. You are responsible for your own safety, and as such, you are required to follow safety rules as provided by the location and the team. More rules and regulations will be detailed in a follow-up document which will be provided to you once you are chosen to guest investigate.

As we are a non-profit organization, we pay all of our own expenses out of our own pockets, therefore it is very important that you follow any and all directives we feel necessary to give you at any given time during these events. Also because we are a non-profit organization, whose integrity and reputation as a paranormal investigation team is extremely important to us, as is the peace of mind of our clients, it is required that you obey the same rules that our investigators do, and that you follow team lead and lead investigators’ directions when they are given. Also, we will require you to come to the evidence review (at least one session) from the investigation you participated in. This is a part of being a paranormal investigator and if you wish to be seriously considered for a position on the team in the future, you must do this.

Again, you will be sent all information, rules and regulations, once you are chosen for a guest investigation. If you have any questions, you can ask us anytime by e-mail.

If you are wanting to join O.P.R as an actual member you want to fill out the Join the Team form instead. If you fill this one out you will be taken out of the Join the Team waiting list because this waiting list is for people who just want to guest investigate.

By hitting submit it means you have read the discliamer at the top of this page and understand it. Also since we have a lot of people wanting to investigate it may be awhile to get everyone to an investigation but we will do our best to get everyone on an investigation.

Full Name:*



Do you live in or near Omaha?*

Are you in another paranormal team?*

Describe why you should be chosen to guest investigate, and why you want to guest investigate with us.

What paranormal experiences have you had in the past?

Do you have any medical conditions we should know about in advance?

How many times do you want to guest investigate?

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Do you have a problem with staying in contact with the members of the team throughout the experience? *

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