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Attention: We will not be accepting any new applications at this time due to the influx of applications. We are very excited that many people have an invested interest to the OPR group and we would like to give everyone a chance as well to participate. As much as I want this group to grow, I also want to make sure that everyone who is interested in going to certain investigations to have that opportunity to go as well.

Feel free to fill out our form. It will be held discreetly in our file for future contact and/or references. Once an opening becomes available or we require additional resources and/or help, applicants will be emailed in order of application submissions. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are chosen to join O.P.R you MUST go through training. (Evidence Review and then on the investigation training.) Training starts by helping the team go over some evidence as well as getting to know each other and learning the basics of how we ghost hunt. If you pass the evidence review you will next get training on an investigation, whether it is a training investigation or not. (Training Investigations are marked as such where Investigators in training make up half of the team that night.) After that you’re a full member of the team and can fill out a bio on the website. All investigators are required to help review evidence for the investigations they went on!

Want to join Omaha Paranormal Research?

Please fill out the form below. Please be completely honest while filling the form out.

We will contact you as soon as we can!

Email is required so that we can contact you. No email No go.

The following questions are for your bio section on the 'About Us' page.

Full Name *

Email Address *

Desired Position(s) (everyone will be an investigator.)*

Were do you live?

If you live outside of Omaha are you willing to drive to participate?

Are you also a member of another paranormal group? If so which group?*

Other then experiences, please tell us about your qualifications.*


Why you wanted to join.*

What are some of the expeirences you have had? Put n/a if none.*

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