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  • Maggie Beshilas

Exciting News For 4 OPR Members!

Stacey, Danii, Steph, and Myself (Maggie) are excited to announce that we will be getting to attend a Paranormal Seminar in Maxwell, IA as well as an investigation of the Farrar School House in Iowa on May 5th 2012.  This event is being hosted by The Klinge Brothers of Everyday Paranormal (The creators of Ghost Lab.) and Johnny Houser (Caretaker and neighbor to The Villisca Axe Murder House.)

They are gonna apperently record it for their new show called The Dead Truth, coming soon to Paranormal RealityTv. Since it is going to be recorded for the show I heard only 17 tickets are being sold 10 of which were left as of last week. Now there should only be 6 left since 4 OPR members will be attending. We are all exctied to be able to meet everyone and go to Farrar to investigate!

We will post more info on it as more information comes available. Full event info can be found here:

Happy Haunting everyone!

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