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  • Maggie Beshilas

New Team Members an Updates.

We are proud to welcome new investigators to Omaha Paranormal Research.

Brad Fletcher

Stephen Longwell

Jessica Kubec

Welcome all!


In other news we have another investigation in a little under a month. All members should let me know if you want to come, and can message me for more details.

Location: Haunted Hollow

Site Updates:

Also I would like to note that our equipment page will be done and uploaded within a matter of days.


We have been looking into getting shirts made for the group. Details are still uncertain on if we are purchasing them online or if Jessica is going to help us with them. If you want one please let me know and I will tell you as soon as I know what the amount is.


OPR will soon buy more Voice Recorders because ours have worn themselves out and it’s time for us to finally go digital! yay

Haunted Places:

If you or someone you know owns a home or business that needs to be investigated please contact us at: We will get back to you ASAP. All personal information will not be given out at any time. If It is a business the name of the place may be located on the site but no one’s names will be given out to ANY ONE unless stated by the person. For any evidence found on in home investigations will only be uploaded as "Private residence". At no time will we give out addresses to anyone whether online or in person. Feel free to contact Maggie (Myself) with any questions.

I just wanted to let everyone know this for piece of mind. Thank you all for reading. Have a great day.

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