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  • Maggie Beshilas

Still looking for in home investigations

Remember we are non profit paranormal research team.

We will never give out addresses to your home.

We will never give out your names unless stated on the release form.

We are always here if you need to ask questions.


Recent News:

We passed out so many flyers to everyone we could find and to alot of houses in nearby neighborhoods.  We hope to get some more cases soon.


So dont be shy email us today or fill out the forms ^_^

We understand that its not always easy to admit to strangers that you think there might be something paranormal in your house. We here at Omaha Paranormal Research just would like to say that there is no need to be afraid or stressed, we believe you and want to help.

Alot of us have had alot of simalar expeierences in life, we have been there and are still here for anyone who wants to tell their story.



Maggie Beshilas


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