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  • Maggie Beshilas

Support O.P.R through Amazon!

If you have ever wanted to donate to O.P.R or just to read some great paranormal based books etc, go to the link below. Our Case Manager Aly is selling books and other things related to the paranormal and all proceeds go to the O.P.R fund to buy new equipment or help to pay to get in to investigations etc.

Words from the author: "I currently work with a paranormal investigation group called Omaha Paranormal Research, and head up a paranormal community called The Average Sensitive. I am currently working on a series which will be available exclusively here of pamphlets and books geared toward the paranormal - and all proceeds will become donations to Omaha Paranormal Research. I am their case manager and a sensitive, and so along with helping my group grow, I wanted to be able to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity or sensitivity-awakening help themselves and others."

I am also starting to write some short books about the interworkings of O.P.R including the founding and my experiences both before and after O.P,R. Those are soon to come so keep checking back! Thank you.

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