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We do not take cases in the winter due to weather and that it is our time of year to catch up on back logged evidence. As well as spending time with our families for the holidays. We can still answer questions and help find teams near you if its an emergency. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like O.P.R to conduct an investigation at your location feel free to fill out the form below or if it is an emergency email us here. Once you email us we will reply ASAP. (Emails are checked regularly.)

Everyone here at Omaha Paranormal 

Research believes in your privacy! Before every investigation or mini - investigation we request that the location owner signs our release form. This not only allows us to investigate there but also releases you from any injuries we may incur. (No injuries have ever occurred.) It also gives you the option at the bottom of the form that lets you decide whether or not you want any evidence we find to be publised on the site as a case file. What you decide is completely up to you.

You will get a copy of the evidence. Sage cleansings are preformed after investigations by request only.

All investigations are free of charge, though we do accept donations. We only service places near Omaha. (La Vista, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Lincoln, etc)

For more information on how we investigate feel free to ask. You can also read up on exactly how we investigate here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out the form below and click "Submit." We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Phone Number (optional):


Your address *

Tell a little bit about whats happening.*

What would you like done at your location?*

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