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Maggie, you and your 2 friends were a great comfort to bless and protect my families humble abode! TY- You were all so nice and cool to chat with that it really lifted a load off my mind. Id recommend your team to any home :) Geesh we all need your team... May peace, light, love and health/wealth be abundant with you and yours. TY & TC - Anonymous.(Private Residence #3)

To me you guys were awesome very professional, about as good as Ghost Hunters (TAPS) You guys are the best team that has ever come in. Thanks - Anonymous (Private Residence #4)

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If your looking for a good ghost hunting group near you definatly check out these sites below. (Click the banner) - The Online Paranormal Society Directory

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Special Thanks

Thank you James McKend for making us a new business card! Looks great!

Big thanks to Danielle Shafer who has helped us with some of our graphics. She even came up with our quote Investigating with "spirit". Without you we don’t know where we would be. Thank you for all your hard work.

Would like to thank everyone who has posted our flyers at their businesses, and have taken the time to listen to us on the streets.

Also big thanks to Trevor and Phillip we have learned allot from our friends in Chambersburg, PA called P.G.H.C Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Club. They have helped us to better our knowledge of the paranormal. Trevor is the founder of P.G.H.C who I would like to thank for helping me continue my joy of ghost hunting by inviting John and I to join the investigation of the Farnsworth House Inn.

Thanks to McCormick's Haunted Hollow as well as Power 106.9 for putting Omaha Paranormal Research on the radio!

Thanks to Lindsey and Gordon for inviting us to host a paranormal seminar for your teens!

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