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Types of Hauntings.

There are three basic categories of hauntings. The first is an "Intelligent" or "Human" type haunting. An Intelligent haunting means that the entity is aware of its surrounding and will often interact with investigators and residents alike. It may appear in a human form and act like a human. Usually an intelligent entity will find ways to make it's self known, whether its threw a digital voice recorder often known as an EVP which stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or responding to questions on other devices like an EMF detector. (Electro Magnetic Felid) Intelligent entities are usually attached to a person place or object.

The second type is a "Residual" haunting. This type of haunting is one of the most common. Something that happens at the same time or doing the same thing. Example: A misty figure walks down the hallway and turns left into the wall. Back when that location was built it is very possible there was a door there. Residual hauntings usually do the same thing no matter how the location changes like a tape on play back.

The Third type of haunting is "Demonic." One of the most unwanted and frightening in human entities. When you think of a demonic haunting it usually follows thoughts of possession, object thrown around the room or hovering in mid air. People being thrown or scratched. This is definitely something you don't want to encounter. Demonic entities are also classified as intelligent like the human type but they are violent and destructive.

I have know of some other types as well like: Poltergeists, attachments, possessions, etc.

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